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Date: 2010-09-03
Company: Forbion Capital Partners (The Netherlands)
Amount: €190 million
Planned use: Forbion aims to invest the majority of the fund in Europe and the remainder in North America and Israel. The investment focus is on private companies developing novel drugs, medical devices and diagnostics for high- or even unmet medical needs.
Other: Forbion Capital Partners has announced the final closings of both FCF I Co-Invest Fund and of FCF II, raising a total of more than €190m ($240m). Forbion’s €54m Co-Invest Fund aims to invest alongside FCF I in a select number of late-stage FCF I portfolio companies. FCF II has an investment strategy similar to its predecessor fund FCF I.
FCF I Co-Invest Fund has already committed funds to five companies, including Circulite, Pathway Medical, AMT Holding, Biovex and Xention. Following the first close of FCF II investments have already been made in Niti, arGEN-X, Exosome, Promedior and Cardoz.