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Date Phase Anouncement Biotech Pharma Product Disease Country Other
2010-03-29 II Launch Neovacs (France)   TNF alpha-Kinoid® (TNF-K) rheumatoid arthritis France, Belgium, Switzerland See details
2010-03-24 IIb Result Vernalis (UK)   V3381(indantadol) neuropathic pain due to diabetes   See details
2010-03-22 I Launch Pevion Biotech (Switzerland)   PEV7 The product is based on Pevion's virosome delivery technology in which antigens bind to the surface of a “hollowed-out” virus-like particle. recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis   See details
2010-03-19 I-II Launch TopoTarget (Denmark) Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (USA)   Belinostat This histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor is used in combination with cisplatin, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide. thymic malignancies USA See details
2010-03-18 IIb Launch Antisoma (UK)   AS1411 (DNA aptamer that targets nucleolin, acute myeloid leukaemia   See details
2010-03-17 I-II Launch Bionor Immuno (Norway)   Vacc-C5 The vaccine works by halting the hyper-activation of the immune system, producing a dual effect; i) slowing down or halting the disease progression and ii) significantly reducing the production of the virus. HIV infection   See details
2010-03-17 III Launch Trophos (France)   olesoxime (TRO19622) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease) France, Germany, UK, Belgium and Spain See details
2010-03-16 II Result   Novartis (Switzerland) LCZ696 (first-in-class angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor - ARNI) The product simultaneously inhibits both NEP, enzyme responsible for the breakdown of natriuretic peptides, and the angiotensin receptor. hypertension   See details
2010-03-16 II Launch   Lundbeck (Denmark) Desmoteplase (genetically engineered version of a clot-dissolving protein found in the saliva of the vampire bat Desmodus rotundus) Lundbeck has obtained worldwide rights to desmoteplase from Paion (Germany). (See acute ischaemic stroke Japan See details
2010-03-15 II Launch Ipsen (France)   BIM 23A760 (chimeric compound containing structural elements of both somatostatin analogues and dopamine agonists) carcinoid syndrome due to neuroendocrine tumors   See details
2010-03-15 II Launch Ipsen (France)   BIM 23A760 (chimeric compound containing structural elements of both somatostatin analogues and dopamine agonists) acromegaly   See details
2010-03-10 I-II Launch Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (The Netherlands)   Factor IX gene therapy product hemophilia B UK See details
2010-03-08 I-II Result BiondVax Pharmaceuticals (Israel)   Multimeric-001 universal flu vaccine inflluenza   See details
2010-03-08 I-II Result Action Pharma (Denmark)   AP1030 (positive allosteric modulator through melanocortin receptors) Its mode of action involves a hypothalamic melanocortin type 4 receptor mediated effect, thereby modulating appetite and central regulation of glucose metabolism. It also exerts anti-inflammatory effects mediated through melanocortin type 1 receptors aimed at reverting low grade inflammation in fatty tissues and thereby reducing peripheral insulin resistance. type 2 diabetes associated with obesity France See details
2010-03-05 II Launch Mologen (Germany)   MGN1703 (cancer immunotherapy based on dSLIM® immunomodulator, which is an agonist of the Toll-like receptor 9 involved in innate immunity) metastatic colorectal cancer Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Russia, and other countries See details
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