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Date: 2010-09-09
Biotech partner: Atheris Laboratories (Switzerland) Bachem (Switzerland)
Type of agreement: * R&D
* development
* other
Compound: Melusine® libraries (natural products isolated from animal venoms, mainly peptide toxins)
Nature of the agreement: Bachem has concluded an agreement with Atheris Laboratories to market their Melusine® libraries, consisting of natural products isolated from animal venoms. The agreement includes services to assist customers with the identification of the active ingredients and to synthesize individual compounds.
These libraries, isolated from venomous animals, have been fractionated to provide welldefined mixtures. The main components are peptide toxins, a class of interest for the development of peptide based therapeutics and cosmetics.
Atheris and Bachem intend to encourage the screening of these compounds to expand and support their applications as drugs.
Deconvolution and structural elucidation of hits and lead selection/optimization can be performed at Atheris. Following identification of a hit from screening, Bachem is in the position to offer custom syntheses for lead compounds and to provide support for clinical development of drug candidates.

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