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Date: 2010-09-07
Biotech partner: reMYND (Belgium)
Pharma Partner: Roche (Switzerland)
Type of agreement: * R&D
* licensing
* commercialization/ distribution
* development
Compound: small molecule programmes targeting á-synuclein and tau related pathologies
Disease area: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
Nature of the agreement: Roche and reMYND have entered into an agreement to develop novel therapeutics that could slow down neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients by inhibiting á-synuclein and tau toxicity.
The collaboration will focus on two of reMYND’s pre-clinical small molecule programmes targeting á-synuclein and tau related pathologies in appropriate model systems as well as potential back-up classes. The partners will form joint teams to progress the programmes towards clinical studies. Roche will provide input into chemistry, lead-optimisation and pre-clinical development, while reMYND will continue to conduct non-clinical pharmacology studies and further elucidate the underlying molecular mechanisms. Roche will be responsible for all clinical development and worldwide commercialisation.

Financial terms of the agreement: reMYND could receive over half a billion € in milestone payments, additional FTE payments and royalties on resulting net sales, potentially reaching a double-digit level.

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