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Date: 2010-07-22
Biotech partner: Algeta (Norway) Institute for Energy Technology (Norway)
Type of agreement: * manufacturing
Compound: Alpharadin® (radium-223 chloride)
Disease area: cancer
Development phase: Phase III
Nature of the agreement: This second agreement sees Algeta significantly extend its collaboration with Oslo’s Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), which currently manufactures Alpharadin for Algeta/Bayer’s ongoing ALSYMPCA phase III study and clinical trials in other cancer indications.
Under the terms of this second agreement, IFE, in conjunction with Algeta, will commence an expansion of the existing Alpharadin production facility at IFE.
The upgrade, which will be paid for by Algeta, will create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to supply the expected commercial demand around the world following approval and launch.

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