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Date: 2010-02-16
Biotech partner: immatics biotechnologies (Germany) Cancer Research UK (UK)
Type of agreement: * other
Compound: therapeutic cancer vaccine IMA950 It consists of 11 tumour-associated peptides (TUMAPs) which the immatics platform selects on the basis of their natural presentation by tumour tissue, immunogenicity and their relevance to tumour function.
Disease area: glioblastoma
Nature of the agreement: immatics biotechnologies has signed a collaboration with Cancer Research UK for the further development of immatics’ therapeutic cancer vaccine IMA950 in glioblastoma.
Under the terms of the agreement, Cancer Research UK will sponsor and conduct a Phase I trial of IMA950 to be carried out at leading glioma research centres in the UK via its Drug Development Office.
immatics will supply the drug IMA950 for the trial and also undertake immunomonitoring in the treated patients.
After the completion of the study, immatics will have an exclusive first right to take a license to the data for further development of IMA950.
Financial terms of the agreement: Financial details were not disclosed.

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