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Date: 2010-02-04
Biotech partner: Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) Harvard University (USA)
Pharma Partner: Roche (Switzerland)
Type of agreement: * R&D
* other
Compound: cellular models of disease based on human stem cell lines
Disease area: metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases
Nature of the agreement: Roche announced a 3-5 year joint research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA) and Harvard University (Cambridge, USA) that will use stem cell technologies to advance drug discovery in areas of high unmet medical need.
The aim is to develop cellular models of disease based on human stem cell lines and to investigate the potential efficacy, safety and toxicology profile of new drug candidates from Roche’s compound library. Cell lines will be derived from the tissues of healthy volunteers and from patients with various diseases.
Under the terms of the agreement, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University and Roche will collaborate across a broad range of disease areas, with an initial focus on metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. Roche will gain access to cell lines, protocols, data and materials in exchange for research funding over 3-5 years, with clinical development milestone payments for drug candidates discovered through stem cell disease models. A staff exchange program will promote sharing of expertise between the three partners and a joint governance committee will oversee research progress.

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