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Date: 2010-06-29
Company: AB Science (France) Bull (France) Genomic Vision (France) SkuldTech (France)
Investors: OSEO (France)
Amount: €10 million (€6.2m to AB Science, €2m to Bull, €0.7 m to Genomic Vision and €0.3m to SkuldTech)
Planned use: The OSEO grant will support the APAS-IPK (Amélioration de la prédictivité de l’activité et de la sélectivité des inhibiteurs des protéines kinases en oncologie – Improvement in predictiveness of the activity and selectiveness of protein kinase inhibitors in oncology) project led by AB Science for the development of new targeted cancer treatments.
Other: The french companies AB Science, Bull, Genomic Vision and SkuldTech have established a partnership to carry-out of the APAS-IPK project. The major objective of the project is to develop high performing and predictive models of the interactions and biological effects of the protein kinase inhibitors and to use them to develop a new generation anti-tumour therapy with a low level of toxicity, targeted and personalized according to patients’ predispositions.
Biological date on masitinib, AB Science lead product, and other protein kinase inhibitors developed by the French company and additional data acquired within the framework of the project with public laboratories (CNRS and Inserm U8147 and U891) will feed the creation of in silico models developed in partnership with Bull.
Biological samples collected during masitinib clinical trials will be used to establish companion tests predictive of the therapeutic response of the molecule and the potential associated toxicity (SkuldTech, Genomic Vision).