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Date: 2010-03-17
Phase: I-II
Anouncement: Launch
Biotech: Bionor Immuno (Norway)
Product: Vacc-C5 The vaccine works by halting the hyper-activation of the immune system, producing a dual effect; i) slowing down or halting the disease progression and ii) significantly reducing the production of the virus.
Disease: HIV infection
Other: Bionor Immuno announced intentions to take the therapeutic and potentially preventative HIV-vaccine candidate Vacc-C5 into a Phase I/II clinical trial. The research results indicate that Vacc-C5 may induce a protective antibody response in HIV patients similar to that found in patients with slow or non-progressing disease.
As part of the preparations for a Phase I/II clinical trial to be initiated in Q2, 2011, the company will carry out routine toxicity tests, to ensure the safety of the Vacc-C5 components. The toxicology program is planned to be completed by early 2011.
Following the decision to move Vacc-C5 forward towards clinical testing the Company has placed an order with Bachem for the production of pharmaceutical-grade vaccine components to be used in the upcoming trial.