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Date Phase Anouncement Biotech Pharma Product Disease Country Other
2007-02-05 II Launch   Kuros Biosurgery (Switzerland) KUR-111 (the product is composed of a variant of parathyroid hormone, fibrin sealant and hydroxyapatite/tri-calcium phosphate granules) The product is licensed to Baxter International under a collaboration agreement concluded in 2005. This collaboration covers the development of biological combination products targeted at certian skin and orthopaedic indications. Following successful completion of this study, Baxter will take over responsibility for the further development of the product. tibial plateau fractures Europe, Australia See details
2007-02-05 I Launch Quark Biotech (USA)/Silence Therapeutics (UK - ex SR Pharma) Pfizer (USA) RTP-801i (small interfering RNA) age-related macular degeneration (AMD)   See details
2007-02-01 I Launch Bioinvent (Sweden)/Thrombogenics (Belgium)   TB-402 (anti-factor VIII antibody) thrombosis   See details
2007-02-01 III Launch Oncothyreon (USA) Merck KGaA (Germany) Stimuvax® (BLP25 liposome vaccine - LBLP25) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) approximately 30 countries See details
2007-01-30 II Launch Octoplus (The Netherlands)   Locteron® (controlled release formulation of interferon alpha based on the Octoplus PolyActive® technology) hepatitis C   See details
2007-01-23 II Launch Medigene (Germany)   RhuDex® (orally available immunosuppressor - inhibits the release of inflammatory cytokine by blocking T cell activation) rheumatoid arthritis   See details
2007-01-08 IIb Launch Thrombogenics   microsplasmin Vitrectomy (Detached retina) USA. See details
2006-12-29 III Launch Basilea Pharmaceutical (Switzerland)   isavuconazole The programme targets two groups of patients suffering from systemic fungal infections: - patients with a haematological cancer, requiring broad protection against yeasts and fungus - patients in intensive care.   See details
2006-12-22 II Launch Exelixis (USA)   XL880 (tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor) gastric cancer   See details
2006-12-20 II Launch Serono (Switzerland)/Zymogenetics (USA)   atacicept (TACI-Ig - soluble TACI receptor which binds to BLyS and APRIL cytokines from the TNF family) for patients not having responded in a satisfactory manner to anti-TNF alpha treatment. rheumatoid arthritis   See details
2006-12-18 I Launch Pevion (Switzerland)   therapeutic vaccine against hepatitis C (virosomal vaccine resulting from the incorporation of synthetic HCV antigens in liposomes). hepatitis C Switzerland See details
2006-12-15 II Launch Wilex (Germany)   WX-671 (Mesupron®- oral small molecule serine protease inhibitor) This product is an orally available pro-drug of WX-UK1, small molecule serine protease inhibitor that targets the urokinase Plasminogen Activator (uPA) system. pancreatic cancer Europe See details
2006-12-15 II Launch BioAlliance Pharma   Doxorubicin Transdrug® primary liver cancer Europe See details
2006-12-14 III Launch   Ipsen Decapeptyl® in a 4-month controlled-release formulation advanced forms of metastatic prostate cancers, uterine fibroma, endometriosis   See details
2006-12-14 II Launch Curagen (USA)/TopoTarget (Denmark   Belinostat-PXD101 (histone deacetylase inhibitor) cutaneous B cells lymphoma   See details
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