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Date: 2010-08-10
Biotech partner: NsGene (Denmark) Biogen Idec (USA)
Type of agreement: * licensing
* commercialization/ distribution
* development
Compound: Neublastin (disease-modifying therapeutic protein)
Disease area: neuropathic pain
Development phase: Phase I
Nature of the agreement: NsGene A/S has executed a new and expanded license and commercialisation agreement with Biogen Idec on Neublastin, a therapeutic protein currently in Phase I development for the
treatment of neuropathic pain under the agreement with Biogen Idec.
Financial terms of the agreement: The expanded agreement grants Biogen Idec extended rights to Neublastin and secures NsGene an upfront payment of $ 6 million, and an annual maintenance fee of $1.5 million. The maintenance fee is to be paid in those years in which NsGene does not receive a development milestone and until acceptance of the first regulatory filing for approval of a Neublastin product.
In addition, NsGene will receive increased royalties on future sales of Neublastin products. Development milestones will be paid in accordance with the agreement from year 2000.

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