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Date: 2010-08-24
Biotech partner: Aileron Therapeutics (USA)
Pharma Partner: Roche (Switzerland)
Type of agreement: * R&D
* commercialization/ distribution
* development
Compound: stapled peptide therapeutics This new kind of peptides is the result of Aileron’s peptide stabilization technology. Aileron’s proprietary technology platform “locks” peptides into their biologically active shape, mimicking the structures found in nature. This process captures the best features of both small molecules and therapeutic proteins, ultimately endowing the peptide with unique and beneficial drug-like properties, including efficient cell penetration, improved pharmacokinetics, high-affinity binding to large target protein surfaces and excellent stability within the body. This could expand the number of "druggable" therapeutic targets, by providing an opportunity to address the thousands of intracellular protein-protein interactions that remain a challenge for functional modulation by current therapeutics.
Disease area: oncology, virology, inflammation, metabolism and CNS
Nature of the agreement: Aileron Therapeutics and Roche have entered into a collaborationto discover, develop and commercialise a new class of drugs called Stapled PeptideTherapeutics. As part of this agreement, Roche will work with Aileron to develop drug candidates against up to five undisclosed targets selected from Roche’s key therapeutic areas, which include oncology, virology, inflammation, metabolism and CNS.
Aileron will have substantial responsibility in collaboration with Roche to develop drug candidates against the selected targets up to clinical development.
Financial terms of the agreement: Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will provide Aileron guaranteed funding of at least $25 million in technology access fees and R&D support.
Aileron is eligible to receive up to $1.1 billion in payments upon the achievement of discovery, development, regulatory and commercialisation milestones, if drug candidates are developed against all five targets. In addition, Aileron will receive royalties on future sales for any marketed products that result from the collaboration.

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