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Pharmaceutiques (France's number one pharma magazine) offers you a great opportunity to capitalize on its industry experience by subscribing to its latest publication - BioPharmaceutiques, now available in English and French.

With weekly delivery of high-quality content to your e-mail inbox and 24/7 web-based access to the latest biotech information, comprehensive summary tables and all back issues, BioPharmaceutiques interprets the sector's news from both a pharma perspective and a resolutely European angle. In short, BioPharmaceutiques provides sector stakeholders with a rapidly assimilated synopsis of who is doing what and with whom.

High-quality content:
European biotech news at a glance

BioPharmaceutiques focuses in on the latest IPOs, M&A activity, investment rounds, clinical trial launches, industry appointments and news on European directives and regulations. Your time is precious, so the BioPharmaceutiques e-newsletter gives you immediate access to a list of headlines with hyperlinks to the full article.

Drilling down:
our interactive summary tables

Along with weekly updates from the latest editions of the magazine, the dedicated BioPharmaceutiques website gives subscribers 24/7 access to regularly updated summary tables, with interactive molecule-, company- and disease-specific overviews of the latest corporate alliances, clinical trial launches, investments and IPOs.